News and Events

May 21, 2011:
Well, folks, I got an update on the delivery of my new processor for the laptop.  It might come today (unlikely - but possible), but will definitely be here by Monday.  Therefore, I should once more have access to the files I need to run session 2 of Undiscovered Country without any further issues.  I hope.  Hopefully.  Yeah.  Luck too.  Need that.

At any rate, I should have one hell of a game for those in attendance.  :-)

- U.S.M.C. -
Second Battalion, 3rd Marines
May 15, 2011:
Dinner on game night for May 28th, 2011 will be ordered from Pizza Hut.
May 15, 2011:
The Undiscovered Country RPG kicked off on Saturday, May 14th, 2011.  Initial reviews from players are strong, and we're still looking for one to two additional players to round out the group.